Coral beads as traditional engagement ring.

Coral beads are said to be mined from coral stones in the oceans and polished as jewelleries.

The Mediterranean Sea was a major source of coral beads found in Africa between 1200AD and 1800AD. Recently, the Sea of Japan has been found to have a lot of coral growth along it’s bed.

In most of part of West Africa, coral beads are true sign of royalty. This is because they were expensive.

Coral beads are used to adorn a king and his royal family. It is also used to adorn a bride on her wedding day.

In the old times, coral beads are given to a betrothed maiden by her suppose groom to show that she has been committed to a man.

On the other hand, a man who is interested in marrying a particular maiden, gifts her a coral bead as a commitment gift. This is because of it’s high value and if accepted by the maiden, it shows acceptance to the marriage.

In the recent times, this tradition became overshadowed by the modern way of proposing to your partner with an engagement ring but the coral beads are still used in adorning the bride on their wedding days.