Celebrating love in class and style

Love in it’s purest form, is the most beautiful thing in life and deserves to be celebrated in the most amazing and unique ways.

What is marriage without love.

What is marriage without a beautiful wedding.

“Now the I have the dress, happily ever after can start.”

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What’s your wedding style?

The beauty in being loved and in love

I love you because I love you. There’s no reason to love than “to love”.

photo by Conrad creation
Photo by Nadon Clinton
Photo by Nonifotografy
photo by Conrad Creation

Wedding guest styles? We got you!

Everyone looks forward to a wedding party to play dress up and have some fun.

We bring you all the wedding guest styles from vintage, retro, elegant and even the rich aunty vibes.

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Photo by Conrad Creation

Photo by Conrad Creation

Love stories

Let love lead

Love is good for the soul. Love makes everything beautiful. Love is beautiful.

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Photo by Zucci Gold
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Do you know your wedding histories and cultures?

There are different cultures and traditions all over the world and these people celebrate love differently.

Many trends and activities are performed generation after the other but barely do we understand the facts behind them.