Wedding Veils (The origin and all you need to know about veils).

The story behind the use of wedding veils.

It’s said that a bridal dress isn’t complete without a veil. The idea of wedding veils is as old as the idea of marriage/weddings.

The ancient Greek brides wore bright red veils to protect themselves from evil spirits that might want to thwart their happiness.

These veils were hard to see through, so the father would lead guide her down aisle so she doesn’t fall or hit anything on her way. This is now recognized as the act of giving away.

During Judaism in the biblical times, the groom would place a veil over the bride’s face before ceremony to signify a promise to marry her for her inner beauty. The veil is usually lifted once they are officially married.

In arranged marriages, the veil was a way to conceal the bride’s face from the groom and the family to avoid them changing their mind if they get to see each other before marriage.

There’s a misconception that veils are symbols of purity and chastity. Some viewed as a symbol of obedience and respect to God.

In the recent times, veils are basically bridal fashion accessories. It has evolved from the ‘bright red veils’ to white or any other suitable colour, different forms and styles.

Conclusion: The notion that bridal veils are basically worn by virgins is untrue.

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