2022 Bridal Inspiration:

The Freedom Collection by Alonuko bespoke bridals

Alonuko Bespoke Bridal fashion brand by Gbemi Okunlola is specialized in creating individual hand-made bridal dress in London, Uk.

The Freedom Collection idea was birthed during the COVID-19 lock down; the season where freedom was far fetched, yet the true feeling of freedom could still be present.

All the eleven (11) looks in this collection have an element of freedom from Gbemi’s perspective in each of them. This collection was released on Saturday, 21st May, 2021.

The Alonuko bridal is set to begin a “3 weeks, 3 cities” project called “Coming to America” in March, 2022.

This project is aimed at showcasing the last released collection -The Freedom Collection and the yet to be released 2022 collection, in three (3) different cities: Houston, Atlanta and New York for Three (3) weeks with over Twenty (20) dresses to look through and try on.

Here are the eleven (11) looks from The Freedom Collections by Alonuko Bespoke Bridal

Center slit V-neck fish tail dress

This look is a perfect fit for slim ladies and medium sized that want to look effortlessly classy yet simple. This is most suitable for pear-shaped, hour glass and apple body types. It can be accessorised with a simple bridal necklace, earrings and a dramatic veil.

Low V-neck ,A-line dress with a black band at the waist forming a bow at the back.

This look gives the 1920s vibes. It can be accessorized with statement yet simple neck piece and a beautiful bridal earrings, long veil and beautifully stacked bracelets or long gloves as preferred. This look is best for ladies with inverted triangle and rectangle body types.

Print flared dress with bishop sleeves kimono

The particular look is so beautiful, it gives this simple yet sophisticated royalty vibes. This can be paired with pearl / diamond stud earrings and of course, a nice head piece. Avoiding using too long or dramatic veils. This is most suitable for the pear-shaped, hour glass and maybe apple body types.

Mermaid Silhouette flare dress with double bow at the back

This look will have you look like fairytale. This look is so pretty and can be worn by all especially people that want to show off curves and skin without exposing much. This dress should be accessorised with simple choker pearls, pretty earring and carefully curated stacked up bracelets.

Peplum blazer and pants

Oouuuu! I love this look. This look will have you looking like classic boss lady. If you are a lover of blazer or you don’t feel so comfortable in dresses, this is definitely your style. I’d like to pair this with a long beautiful veil and bridal earrings. This outfit wears a tricky look to make you appear tall if you are not and is suitable for all body types.

With this look, you look like royalty. I like Charmeuse like fabric used to making this particular look. Good bridal earring and veil is perfect match for this. This look is suitable for all body types.

Turtle neck flavoured dress with bishop sleeves.

I like the sophisticated dutchess fit this look gives. You can accessorize with a nice headpiece and earrings. This is suitable for all body types especially body types with bigger lower body.

Tiny sleeves flared, sheer overlayed dress

This look is so pretty and elegant. You can accessorize with a good veil, simple neck lace and earrings. This is most suitable for people with bigger upper body but can be worn buy every other body type.

Corset deep prints flare dress

This can be worn short villa veils and other pretty accessorized.

Corset straight feathered sheer over layer d with cape sleeves.

This look is similar to look 8 and should be paired with nice earrings. This dress is suitable for all body types.

This is absolutely my best look in this collection I’m breathtaking. All body types can wear this. This look should be properly accessories.

How to order: 1. Book a consultant. 2. Pay for your dress.

Price ranges: Deluxe made to wear = E3,000 to E8,000. Couture is E7,000 to E15,000

Bespoke = E5,000

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